Headphones with mics, which ones are the most effective?

Hello and welcome to a brand new group of solutions to your earpiece questions. Ever desired to find out about something headphone, earpiece or headset linked? Now is your opportunity. Due to the great deal of inquiries we’re so often asked, we have reached into our mailbag and selected the 9 most applicable (and most often submitted) inquiries. Enjoy.

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Part 3: What are the best gaming headphones (with microphones)?

There is no denying that the Internet has introduced the whole world closer together. Not just is it an incredible source for compatible persons to share tales and insights with each other, its also a beautiful way of gathering your neighbours in the worldwide community of which we are all a part.

These days, when the newsreaders inform you that the people of some far off land are completely evil and conspiring to return to the house when you’re sleeping and kill you and everybody you care about in a variety of atrocious ways, you do not have to just sit back and consider it. More often than not, you can simply drop these faraway individuals a line and ask them for yourselves. I typically find that they mostly live very comparable lives to my own, which mainly revolves about eating cereal, reading comic publications and playing The Ramones all day long.

One more great way to spread global peace and harmony is by waging all our future wars digitally, I advanced a theory some months ago (in an editorial for another blog) that if we might have all our wars via ‘Call Of Duty’ rather than essentially, the world would be a far better place. Then we might all go get some cereal (Personally, I am into ‘Golden Grahams’ in the mean time) and listen to The Ramones. We are nearer than ever to this dream, I feel, and the gaming headphone revolution is bringing us there on time.

So, with peace on Earth decisively in mind, I made a decision to pick some of the best 3 gaming headsets (with microphones) on sale right now. Fight the ability, brothers and sisters. Right on.

1)         SteelSeries Siberia V2: If you’re a PC For the |General|Hardcore| gamer, you actually can’t get it wrong here. Although the Siberia will set you back a great deal of cash (£70 to be precise), these are unequivocally the best PC headphones around. They aren’t wireless, which does work against them, however the reviews, anywhere you search, are unanimously glowing.

2)         Turtle Beach X12: These bad boys will control all sound from either your Xbox 360 or your PC and can repeat crystal clear sound with pin dropping precision. They’re pricey, but worth the money if you’ve got it to spare.

3)         Logitech Vantage USB Headset: Now, when you have not got sufficient cash to afford the other 2, I’ve incorporated this Logitech headset manufactured primarily to be used with the PS3. It features a noise reduction function and a very high quality microphone. It only has one speaker, but at lower than £20, it is still a superb quality mid range option.

Obviously, you can find hundreds of different designs around to select from, but based on what you prefer and the amount you wish to spend; these are probably your greatest bets.